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Airside Civil and Pavement Works

Airside Civil and Pavement Works

The Airside Civil and Pavement works package (ACP) was awarded to the CPB ACCIONA Joint Venture in September 2021. This package involves the design and construction of the airside services and utilities which includes runway and taxiway pavements, aircraft pavement markings, airside roads, surface water drainage, aeronautical ground lighting systems, airside security fence and landscaping.     

The ACP package will include the construction of:

  • a 3.7-kilometre runway
  • access and exit taxiways and four rapid exit taxiways (RET) pavements
  • parallel taxiway pavements and aircraft isolation pad
  • an aeronautical ground lighting system (including related substation buildings) for CAT IIIB operations. This will allow Western Sydney International to operate safely in foggy conditions
  • perimeter roads and airside roads
  • security fencing, including civil works for services such as CCTV, lighting, communications and power.


What's happening?


December 2023 - February 2024



Over the past three months, the project team has:

  • Completed the commissioning of three prefabricated substation buildings;
  • Completed the building structures and commissioning of both airfield lighting and equipment rooms (ALERs);
  • Progressed works on the aeronautical ground lighting infrastructure;
  • Completed the concrete placement on Taxiway Charlie;
  • Commenced asphalt placement on the runway;
  • Energised the airside main high voltage ring.


Over the next three months, work will include continuing asphalt placement on the runway and taxiways, progressing the cabling for the aeronautical ground lighting, and the placement of cement treated base on the airfield perimeter roads. 

Airside Civil and Pavements Site


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WSA and its contractors are committed to keeping the community and  stakeholders informed about the project as it progresses. We welcome your feedback on this project and our other activities. Please contact our community team on the details below. 


Construction work hours

Standard work hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 7am - 6pm
  • Saturday: 8am - 1pm


Out of hours (OOH) work: We will consult and notify impacted residents prior to working outside of standard construction hours.


Contact details  

If you have any questions, or would like to provide feedback about the works, please contact the Community Engagement team: 

  • 1800 972 972  

For any procurement enquiries, please contact The CPB Acciona Joint Venture:

For any employment enquiries, please contact The CPB Acciona Joint Venture: