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As Western Sydney International continues to transform Western Sydney, we’re committed to building, supporting and connecting local communities through three key areas:

Empowering People: addressing social disadvantage, diversity and inclusion, and education.
Making Place: protecting, developing or facilitating unique place-making projects and supporting sustainable growth across the region. 
Awakening Opportunity: support for pioneering ideas and organisations in the areas of business and employment.

We do this through strategic community partnerships, connecting our employees with our communities to provide a positive impact for our natural environment, diverse communities and disadvantaged schools.

Conservation Volunteers Australia

We partner with Conservation Volunteers Australia to provide funding for environmental rehabilitation activities in Western Sydney

SSI We support Settlement Services International’s employment and enterprise services programs.
ABCN Our partnership with the Australian Business and Community Network connects our employees as mentors with school students from disadvantaged schools in Western Sydney

Our investment in the communities surrounding Western Sydney International reflects our broader approach as set out in the Airport Plan.