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Major earthworks

Major earthworks

The Major Earthworks contract was awarded to CPB Contractors and Lend LeaseJoint Venture (CPBLLJV) in August2019.On 9 September 2020 Acciona completed the acquisition of Lendlease Engineering and as such the Major Earthworks Contractor is now referred to as CPB Contractors and Acciona (CPBACC JV)

The major earthworks stage involves significant design and construction responsibilities, including moving around 25 million cubic meters of earth to support construction of the major elements of the airport, such as the runway and terminal. 

WSA and its contractors are committed to keeping the community and other stakeholders informed about the earthworks project as it progresses. We welcome your feedback on this project and our other activities. Please make contact with our community team as per the contact details below.


What's happening?


January 2022

      Major earthworks across the Airport site. This involves taking earth from the peaks to fill the low points to level the site ready for construction. Other activities include:

  • Excavation using surface miner to break up hard rock material on the site. The surface miner works follow the ridge line along the old The Northern Road alignment at the western end of the site
  •  Importation of recycled sandstone material. This material is sourced from the WestConnex and Sydney Metro Projects and is repurposed across the site in a sustainability partnership between the projects. The high-quality sandstone is used as a supportive layer under the runway and taxiways
  • Water treatment and water discharging activities. Excess rainwater captured in one of 15 temporary water basins located around the site is treated and discharged off the site. Where possible the captured water is used for dust suppression on the site

  • Installation of permanent airport drainage across the site
  • Ongoing surveying of site is undertaken to ensure each layer of earth is at the correct level

  • Permanent landscaping - topsoil stockpiled in the early stages of the Major Earthworks project is now being respread around different parts of the project, which will form the base to grow vegetation
  • Heavy machinery maintenance is carried out in two workshops, as well as in the field around the site.





Major earthworks notifications

Construction Notification 11 - December 2021 PDF: 1.20MB

Construction Notification 10 - May 2021 PDF: 794KB
Construction Notification 9 - December 2020 PDF: 328KB
Construction Notification 8 - OOH works October 2020 PDF: 257KB
Construction Notification 7 - October 2020 PDF: 341KB
Construction Notification 6 - September 2020 PDF:335KB
Construction Notification 5 - June 2020 PDF:288KB
Construction Notification 4 - May 2020 PDF:204 KB
Construction Notification 3 - March - April 2020 PDF: 250 KB
Construction Notification 2 - February 2020 PDF: 326 KB 
Construction Notification 1 - November 2019 PDF:3.01 MB


Community Newsletter Updates

Gateway - Community Update 5 - November 2021 PDF: 2.51MB

Gateway - Community Update 4 - July 2021 July newsletter

Gateway - Community Update 3 - April 2021 PDF: 3.4 MB

Community Update 2 - December 2020 PDF: 7 MB

Community Update 1 - July 2020 PDF: 4.07 MB

Fact Sheets

Dust Mitigation Fact Sheet - PDF: 4.06 MB


Construction work hours

 Standard work hours: 

  • Monday to Friday :  7am – 6pm 
  • Saturdays : 8am – 1pm 

Out of hours (OOH) work: We will consult and notify impacted residents prior to working outside of standard construction hours.


If you have any questions, or would like to provide feedback about the works, please contact the Major Earthworks’ team: 

  • Call 1800 972 972  
  •– General Enquiries  
  •  - Procurement 
  •– Employment