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Early earthworks - completed

Early earthworks - completed

Early earthworks helped lay the foundations for the construction of the airport, and included:

  • The delivery of earthmoving equipment and establishment of site offices
  • Moving 1.8 million cubic metres of earth within a prescribed area of the site
  • Construction of a new and realigned Badgerys Creek Road
  • A new intersection at Elizabeth Drive, in collaboration with Transport for NSW.

Early earthworks were carried out by the CPB Contractors and Lendlease Joint Venture (CPBLL JV) and was completed early 2020.

What's happening?


Early earthworks for Western Sydney International began in September 2018 and was completed in May 2020. 

For more information on this work, please see the May notification 



Project timeline date
Project timeline details

Construction of Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport has reached a major milestone, having moved a mammoth one million cubic meters of earth on site.

Site compound 
A site compound has been established at the intersection of Badgerys Creek Road and Elizabeth Drive, Badgerys Creek.

Preparation for major earthworks 
The following activities have been undertaken in these areas:

  • site investigations and remediation
  • existing service identification
  • removing topsoil and vegetation
  • stockpile management; and
  • improvement work such as creating internal haul roads.

Major earthworks
Major earthworks will begin once the site has been prepared.

Managing work impacts on our neighbours

Work will be dusty, noisy and you may notice an increase in vehicle movements. We have measures in place to manage and minimise these impacts.

Traffic changes on local roads:

  • To ensure the safety of motorists and workers, there will be some temporary traffic changes in place along Badgerys Creek Road and Elizabeth Drive during working hours. Out of hours work may be required, however the community will be notified prior to any out of hours work
  • This will include temporary speed zones, boom gates and lane closures which may impact travel times for motorists
  • If you’re travelling along Badgerys Creek Road we ask that you take the time to observe traffic changes and obey displayed road signage at all times.

Work hours

Working hours are between 6am to 7pm Monday to Friday and from 7am to 6pm on Saturday if required. No work will be carried out on Sundays or public holidays without prior notice.

To support these works, some activities will occur outside of these working hours. Residents will be notified ahead of all out of hours works.

Construction notification

Construction Notification 1 - August 2018 PDF: 141 KB
Construction Notification 2 - October 2018 PDF: 162 KB 
Construction Notification 3 - December 2018 PDF: 372 KB
Construction Notification 4 - January - February 2019 PDF: 329 KB
Construction Notification 5 - March 2019 PDF: 170 KB
Construction Notification 6 - March 2019 PDF: 406 KB
Construction Notification 7 - March 2019 PDF: 325 KB
Construction Notification 8 - April 2019 PDF: 232 KB
Construction Notification 9 - May 2019 PDF: 292 KB
Construction Notification 10 - June 2019 PDF: 755 KB
Construction Notification 11 - July 2019 PDF: 804 KB
Construction Notification 12 - July - August 2019 PDF: 819 KB
Construction Notification 13 - August 2019 PDF: 773 KB
Construction Notification 14 - September 2019 PDF: 552 KB
Construction Notification 15 - September - October 2019 PDF:565 KB
Construction Notification 16 - October 2019 PDF:580 KB
Construction Notification 17 - November 2019 PDF:740 KB
Construction Notification 18 - November - December 2019 PDF: 231 KB
Construction Notification 19 - December - January 2019 PDF: 523 KB
Construction Notification 20 - January 2020 PDF: 528 KB
Construction Notification 21 - February 2020 PDF: 4 MB
Construction Notification 22 - February 2020 PDF: 569 KB
Construction Notification 23 - March 2020 PDF:525 KB

Fact-sheets & updates

Community Update - May 2020 PDF: 684 KB
Community Update - May 2019 PDF: 4.65 MB
Community Update - September 2019 PDF: 6.19 MB
Community Update - December 2019 PDF: 5.08 MB
EEW Dust Mitigation procedures PDF: 238 KB


If you have any questions about the works, please contact the WSA Community Engagement Team :

  • 1800 972 972