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Sydney's new airport serves up major catering opportunity

03 July 2023

Western Sydney International Airport (WSI) is offering a significant opportunity for an Airline Catering partner to establish a facility at the heart of Sydney's fastest growing region. 

WSI CEO Simon Hickey said the site located at the heart of Sydney's new 24-hour a day airport presented a rare opportunity. 

"The site is connected closely to motorways with direct airside access, and it is available to lease and develop into an airline catering unit to service domestic and international airlines," Mr Hickey said. 

'This is a once in a generation chance to establish a catering unit that will provide for flights from the day the airport opens and through its growth as it eventually becomes one of Australia's busiest gateways. 

'The opportunity isn't limited to inflight meals, there is also a need to service airline lounges, cafes and local events. There is a huge first mover advantage for an exceptional business with big ambitions and growth potential. 

"With a proud multicultural population and access to produce of the highest quality, Western Sydney has some of the best food you'll find in the world, and we can't wait to share it with our customers." 

WSI is on track to open in 2026 and able to serve 10 million passengers per year in a steadily growing region which is already home to around three million people. More than $15 billion has been invested by governments in infrastructure surrounding the airport. 

The available site comprises 6,600 square metres of land ready for development on the airport site, which includes business and cargo precincts. 

In a global first, Sydney's new airport has provisionally secured its three-letter IATA (International Air Transport Association) code more than three years ahead of opening, with the code WSI ensuring that the airport will truly take Western Sydney to the world. 

The first domestic airline arrangements have been announced with Qantas and Jetstar set to deliver 25,000 flights a year from WSI. This agreement with Australia's national carrier landed as WSI passed its halfway to completion milestone earlier this month. 

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