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Our Journey, Our Future

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Our Journey, Our Future


The first of our three core pillars of Western Sydney Airport’s RAP, which you can see through the middle of the artwork.

Through developing strong people-to-people relationships and acknowledging and respecting our shared history, we can unite and move forward together.

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This represents Western Sydney Airport staff and partners uniting with the community and local Aboriginal organisations to develop emerging leaders and create employment and training opportunities for First Nations people in Western Sydney and beyond.

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Building long-term relationships with First Nations communities is essential to the success of Western Sydney Airport and to building a brighter and stronger future for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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Rhonda Sampson

Rhonda Sampson is a proud Kamilaroi woman who lives on Dharawal country in Western Sydney. Art is central to Rhonda’s cultural identity, and she is passionate about sharing this with all people, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, so they can come together on the journey of understanding Aboriginal culture, stories and identity.

"I grew up in Western Sydney, so I’m honoured to have been asked to create this piece and tell the story of our community. It was a collaborative effort and reflects the journey we’re all on together – the journey of the development of Western Sydney Airport hand in hand with our journey of reconciliation."

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