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Vision & strategy

As well as being driven to establish a thriving hub of travel and employment opportunities in  Western Sydney, we’re required to develop and operate Western Sydney International in  accordance with a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia.    

In delivering Western Sydney International, our objectives are:    

  • to improve access to aviation services in Western Sydney by providing a broad range  of passenger services;
  • to resolve the long-term aviation capacity issue in the Sydney basin by maximising  the aviation capacity of the site, noting the constraints at Sydney (Kingsford Smith)  Airport;
  • to maximise the value of Western Sydney International as a national asset, including  consideration of benefits the airport will bring within and around Western Sydney,  NSW and Australia;  
  • to optimise the benefit of Western Sydney International on employment and  investment in Western Sydney by recognising that the airport will be a major catalyst  for growth and development in Western Sydney;  
  • to effectively integrate with new and existing initiatives in the Western Sydney area by  ensuring long-term planning considers the airport's economic, social and  environmental impact in Western Sydney; and  
  • to operate on commercially sound principles, with respect to the Australian  Government's intention to preserve its ownership and governance arrangements, by  applying private sector discipline in the management of Western Sydney Airport.