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What does it take to capture our popular drone footage?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to capture drone footage here at WSI?  

Come and spend some time with Shelley from Playa Media who will take us through the process.  

Firstly, it’s not just as simple as throwing a drone into the air and snapping away! There are processes that need to be followed. Because this is a construction site, any drone flights need to be approved internally. This is to ensure that drones don’t crash into each other – and to respect the airspace which aircraft regularly use for training purposes.

While Shelley is capturing footage for our social channels – drones are also used for survey work, safety compliance checks and even for 3D mapping.  

Once Shelley has approval, she will work with WSI’s Manager of Social Media and Content to capture what she needs. This will change with every flight, but the focus will always be what has changed since last month’s update, so that we can keep our audience and our stakeholders updated.  

Once the footage is captured, Shelley will take it home and upload it to share with the team at WSI. They will then edit it into several different videos for different uses.  

We could tell you more... but we don’t want to drone on about it...  

Here's the finished product!