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Investing in skills and higher education

Western Sydney Airport is committed to developing current and future skills. With a focus on developing capability, this will increase the skills and capacity needed to meet both current and future infrastructure, construction and operational requirements associated with the airport. Our strategy will support training, competency, and transferable skill development for individuals to succeed. 

The Western Sydney Airport Higher Education Strategy aims to improve project performance, leadership, workplace health and safety and individual competency whilst developing transferable skills in specified occupational areas. Western Sydney Airport will work in partnership with our contractors, state and federal government agencies and education providers to deliver a suite of workplace initiatives targeting skills and employment in Western Sydney.

Optimising the benefit of Western Sydney Airport on local employment and investment by recognising the airport will be a major catalyst for growth and development in Western Sydney we are committed to developing the following initiatives.

Our traineeship program is designed to provide opportunities for students completing their Higher Schools Certificate to join Western Sydney Airport and accelerate their career. Our trainees will undertake learning through TAFE NSW, whilst being offered vital on-the-job experiences.

Trainee roles will be advertised on the Job opportunities page.

Workers on site

Our internship program will support a student in their final year of academic studies to gain vital experience building transferable employability skills. Western Sydney Airport’s internship program will offer an invaluable opportunity to help develop skills and capabilities, important for career success in the workforce of the future. 

University Research Projects
Western Sydney Airport will work in partnership with universities to conduct research programs that will deliver innovative solutions for the airport. Working closely with academics and students, Western Sydney Airport will provide unique opportunities for industry and educators to collaborate with the aim of enhancing the student’s capabilities and transferable employability skills.  

For more information on WSA's Higher Education Strategy, please contact