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On-airport planning approvals

Before any works can take place at Western Sydney International Airport (WSI), statutory regulations outlined in the Airports Act 1996 and the Airports (Building Control) Regulations need to be followed. On-airport works also need to be approved in advance by WSI, the airport lessee company (ALC), and the Airport Building Controller (ABC).

You’ll have to prepare and submit applications to both WSI and the ABC. Once they’re approved, on-airport works can begin.


Submitting your application

To Western Sydney International Airport

Applications should follow the structure outlined in the Building Activity Guideline and ALC Building Activity Application form.

Please submit your completed application to Western Sydney International Airport Planning at

To the Airport Building Controller

ABC Online (ABCO) is an online system used to apply and get approval for all building activities on leased federal airports. It manages applications and fee payments, along with other important information like building and works permits, demolition authorisations, certificates of compliance, determinations of minor works and exemption notifications. You can also use the system to track the progress of your building activity applications.

To get started, you’ll need to register as a new user. If you’ve been selected to perform the ‘ALC User Role’ – where you’ll have access to all building activity information taking place at WSI – you can contact after finishing your registration. Your profile will then be updated and allocated to WSI.

Register in ABCO. 


ABCO Register

Register of current building applications and approvals 
The register of current building applications has details of all the on-airport applications WSI has received.