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Airport site layout

As we work with government and other stakeholders and evolve the design of Sydney's new airport, we periodically update the layout of Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport.  The current approved airport site layout continues to serve as an indicative layout for master planning purposes, showing not only what will be built, but also what may be built subject to regulatory and other approvals.

This is the current approved airport site layout for initial development, capable of handling up to 10 million annual passengers (10MAP). Download the current 10MAP layout.

Airport site layout at 10 million annual passengers

In updating the current airport site layout, we also update the long-term layout estimated to handle 82 million annual passengers (82MAP) as a nominal long-term capacity.  Download the current 82MAP layout.

Airport site layout at 82 million annual passengers

The Western Sydney Airport – Airport Plan was originally determined in December 2016 under Part 5 Division 4A of the Airports Act 1996.  This authorised development is for the first stage: a single runway facility. The Airport Plan was varied in July 2020 (for environmental mitigation and utility works and some minor and administrative changes) and in September 2021 (to authorise the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport rail line on the Airport site).